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Roberta Estrela D'Alva

Roberta Estrela D'Alva is a Brazilian director, actress-MC, playwright, spoken word artist, slammer, activist and researcher. With a BA in Performing Arts at the University of São Paulo and Doctorate degree in Communication and Semiotics at PUC/SP (Catholic University of São Paulo). Founding member of the Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos (first Brazilian Hip-Hop Theater company) and the collective Frente 3 de Fevereiro (transdisciplinary collective that investigates racism in Brazilian society). Co-directed and wrote the screenplay for the documentary "Zumbi Somos Nós" (We are Zumbi) that participated in the Brazil: An Anthology for Brazilian VideoArt at the Tate Modern, London. 

She Was the co-author for the videoart A Imagem do Som: Futebol (The Image of Sound: Soccer) shown at the Casa de Culturas do Mundo (Houses of Cultures of the World) in Berlin and at the 15o Festival. Roberta is the creator and slammaster at ZAP! Zona autônoma da Palavra (Autonomous Word Zone) the first poetry slam in Brazil, and was a finalist at the Slam Poetry World Cup 2011 in Paris, finishing in third place. Roberta organizes the Brazilian national poetry championship “SLAM BR” and travels the world as a guest at slam events. Along Brazilian awarded film-maker Tatiana Lohmann she wrote and directed the documentary "Slam: Sworded Words" (2017) who won the award of best documentary and special jury award in the Festival do Rio 2017 and best movie at FIM 2018- International Women Festival. 

In November 2014, her first book, entitled “Teatro Hip-Hop, a performance poética do ator-MC “(Hip Hop Theater, a poetic performance by the MC actor), was published by Perspectiva. She is the curator and presenter at the first international slam in Latin America that annually takes place in FLUP - the Literary Festival in the Periferias in Rio de Janeiro. She’s the host of TV show "Manos e Minas” ("Brothas and Sistas") weekly TV show about youth and urban culture broadcasted by the Brazilian channel TV Cultura.